Get Started

A Podography is an official Person record in podDB which is used to display credits in Shows and Episodes. Not to mention Social and Bio details related to people.

If you need help creating, updating, claiming, or sharing records on podDB please contact us at:

Steps to Creating Podography

1. Registration

To update, claim, & share a Podography you must be a registered podDB user. Simply fill out details on this registration form

step 1 registration
2. Claim Your Podography

Once you find your Podography, simply click on the search result, and once on the page, click the icon in your record. If you still can’t find your Podography click here to create your Podography. Once Completed, claim your newly created Podography

step 2 registration
3. Enhance Your Show

Add Information about your shows, episodes, and networks to connect to your Podography.

step 3 registration