podDB Contributor Portal FAQ
What is the podDB Contributor Portal?

podDB is committed to curating a podcast dataset for the long term discoverability of the medium.

The Contributor Portal makes podDBโ€™s database available to the growing community of Podcasters, Producers, Guest, Cast & Crew. Specifically the portal enables:

  1. Access & Validation of your Podography

  2. Submission of Updates to Podography

  3. Setting Privacy/Alert Preferences on your Podography

To Understand More about a Podography See Appendix I below
Notes for Beta Testers to Remember:
  1. To access the Contributor Portal you must have a Twitter Login

  2. You can only submit Production credits related to your personal Podography. This means you cannot submit Production credits.

Getting Started
  1. Go to the https://www.poddb.me/
  2. Go to podDBโ€™s website and click on the Blue Contribute Data Button to open the portal page

  3. Access Your Podography
  4. Login with your Twitter Handle to get access and validate your Podography.

    The portal matches your Social Handle to your Podography to give you access

  5. Set Podography Privacy & Alert Settings
  6. Use the tab below to set your consent, and alerts preferences about your Podography

  7. Submit Podography Updates
  8. Add Production Credits to your Podography, search the Episode Name or Show Title

    Next, add the Role you played, and click the Submit button

    Donโ€™t forget to Click Submit after youโ€™ve listed your Show

    To see the status of your contributions navigate to the pending approval tab

Appendix I: Podography Definition

A Podography is an official Person Record in podDBโ€™s database. Podographies capture a personโ€™s production credits, contributions, social media and professional details in podcast shows and episodes over time.

podDB curation team is constantly reviewing updates and curating new Podography records.