Contributors' Charter

In order for the registry to steadily grow and evolve, we want to establish a vast network of reliable data contributors who regularly add and update registry info. PodDB believes by honoring these relationships the podcast industry, critics/reviewers, and listeners will come to rely on PodDB to help them: (1) make informed choices about what podcast to listen to and (2) discover shows or people they might not otherwise have found.

This page recognizes the importance of PodDB’s data contributors and explains what we should expect from each other:

  • We do apply different levels of priority to different types of data changes. Some data is harmonized immediately upon ingestion into the platform, while other data is reviewed in a delayed process.
  • We will respond to issues raised by data contributors and will include ideas and suggestions in our ongoing data policy discussions. To this end, we are regularly reviewing and revising our policies to reflect changes in the podcast industry.
  • We will try to create clear and consistent data entry guidelines based on feedback.
  • We will tell you of changes and communicate information on our Slack Channel and Monthly Newsletters. Sign Up Below

In return we hope that when there is a difference of opinion, contributors also show courtesy and respect during their conversations with each other and PodDB staff.

PodDB tracks each contributor's accuracy over time and if any contributor who repeatedly submits data which is inaccurate or which violates our policies, will require increasing levels of additional proof in order to be processed.

Thank you for supporting the growth of the registry.